The Shan-Tea Art Shanty Project

On ice building: We leave the cold concrete comforts of the Soap Factory on Monday evening.  After late night transports, ratchet strap mishaps and run-ins with the law over mis-used bus lanes, the Shan-Tea arrives in pieces at Medicine Lake.  Safely stored by the shore over night, bright and early Tuesday morning , on ice building begins.   Lapsang Souchong Teasong (Soozin Hirshmuegle) and Lord Lipton (Morgan L'Argent)  join the  build crew.  The floor goes together without a hitch, and ice co-ordinator Eric hauls out the platform with his serious plow truck.
We get lucky with warm-ish weather, only one drill bit snapping in the cold.
The khana walls transport remarkably well, and more friends arrive in the afternoon, to help raise the walls, and tie off remaining intersections with sliced bicycle tubes. (Thanks Linse for all your wonderful slicing!)
Next Step: Doorways
The doors on traditional Japanese tea rooms are small and visitors must duck and humble themselves upon entering.  The Shan-Tea is equipt with two doors. First one is weathered and latch-able, the second, curtained and measuring 5'2".  The edges of the wall latch into groves on the interior door frame, and we drilled holes half way up, to feed through the red tension band/belt, that holds the whole thing together.  (Thank you Morgan for the ingenious wooden buckles.)
Trying to get it up:  All hands on deck for the erection.
 We are faced with near disaster upon putting up our roof poles.  The central ring (tono in yurt talk) is of utmost importance to the structural soundness of a yurt.  Two circular boards, separated with wedges of wood act as the main support for the roof, while keeping  the roof poles in their designated places (the spaces in between each wedge of wood.)  With many patient arms holding the tono in place, we soon realize that modifications will have to be made, to keep our roof in place.  Feeling slightly disheartened we trudge back to the Soap, to re-wedge the roof ring.  Lets try again tomorrow.
Second try works like a charm.  With the modifications to the tono, the roof goes up smoothly and safely.  We are joined by our dear friend Brown Beard, who demonstrates amazing feats of balancing on our sturdy roof, to drill down the plastic roofing.


01/15/2010 20:26

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Darrell Gurevitch
01/18/2010 08:21

Amber Way to go. And a ways to go. I am following along on the blog. Really impressed with the hut. Hope weather co-operates with you. Do you have any Mint Tea?

09/09/2010 17:56

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    A collaborative project between Kelsey Nelsen and Amber Phelps Bondaroff, for the 2010 Art Shanty Project, on Medicine Lake Minnesota.