The Shan-Tea Art Shanty Project

The Shan-Tea officially opened its doors to the public, at 10 am Saturday January 16th 2010.  Much time spent beautifying, arranging and shifting square blocks in a round yurt, we were ready for the hoards of thirsty Shanty visitors, and served up over 7 gallons of tea....
The weather was warm, and having a pot brewing on the wood stove at all times got the temperature in the yurt up to an uncomfortable degree, but, we persisted, in brewing,  and were met by many cheerful faces and well considered trade items.  (Thank you everyone who participated in the tea cup trade, Oolong John traded hand made tea cups for, pomegranate lemon muffins, strawberry jam, tea cup collages, a smuffler (a fleece face warmer) Japanese artwork, recipes, songs, secret hand shakes, macaroons, more tea and tea cups, and a steaming knitted tea-cup...forgive me if I am forgetting anything everything was great!)
Never an idle moment in our tea cozy, Saturday we hosted a couple of hoe-downs, (for trade in tea-cups) and  I, Earl Grey Beard, entertained with portraiture on sugar cookies in between tea brewings.  I got the opportunity to gaze into the faces of many fine visitors, and in exchange, received information about Minnesotan authors, playwrights, an Italian lesson, a pencil drawing and a German poetry recitation. 
While the trading took place inside, Darjeeling Clementine busied herself bejewelling the shorn beard of her dead lover outside, and we were joined on Sunday, by the delightfully shrill voice of pirate lady Lapsang Souchong Teasong.
An old feud was re-kindled with shanty neighbors the Gundersons, (a family of spies that moved into the area.)  The fuel of our feuding being one woodden mace and a kitchy ceramic cat (both with various magical properties.)  After much beard pulling and face washing in the snow, we came to terms and settled the score with a lively game of Cuube (the age old viking game played by knocking over blocks with sticks in the snow, courtesy of our Scandinavian friends at the Nordic Immersion Shanty.)  It was a close game, but the Shan-Tea won fare and square, and I am pleased to announce that the Shan-Tea is now host to both the magical mace and the curious cat. 


Terri Beranek
01/20/2010 11:05

Kelsey and friends-- Keven and I are enjoying your blog and photos! So neat! Looks like you are having a great time! Take care
The Beranek's

The Nelsenruds on Locust Lane
01/20/2010 17:14

Happy, happy, happy birthday Oolong John-I think this is the first one we've missed since France! Proud parents are loving the blog. I see the pirates from Chippewa have responded-I'm sure the 3 young pirates are loving the pictures of their favorite artist!

Frossty An
01/20/2010 19:07

A.Peanut Butter! This looks amazing! Miss you in the land of the subterranean!

Hey, some package came for you and is sitting at the post office but they wont let me pick it up. Only you can. And they wont hold it past the 26th because "that's all the sender paid for" and they wont let me pay them to keep it longer!

She said the only way is if you fax me ID and a note that says "I authorize Andrew to pick up my package, signed: buttface."

Problem, no fax. Steve's fax doesn't work and I don't know anyone who has one. Geez, faxes. So antiquated. Don't get me wrong, I love faxes: the sound, the idea that it takes so long to send a very short amount of text over a phone line when I can watch HD movies streaming live off the same phone line, the dial up sound that is all that is left of dial up modems... I'm getting off track. Ok, well sorry about the package. I tried real hard but to no avail. I hope you're having a wizz bang time! If you think of a fax or have a scan and can email give it a shot. Otherwise the sender will just have to resend. BOO. Canada post has no heart.

Your shantea is aaaaaaaaawesome!

See you soonish!

Wanders Forts

ps: sport a beard golf hat for me

01/23/2010 10:38

bull. they didn't tell me I was even paying for how long they would hold it. that sounds like some fishy logic to me.

carole bondaroff
01/24/2010 18:35

Earl Grey Beard: you look awesome on the violin, building, and typing your memoires...Looking forward to the icecapades photos. Your Teapot is fantastic, and we love the re-cycling clever and useful.
Tea and cookies are on the way so watch the post office shanty, yum, and hugs from Calgary, pink beard, and truly grey beard.

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    A collaborative project between Kelsey Nelsen and Amber Phelps Bondaroff, for the 2010 Art Shanty Project, on Medicine Lake Minnesota.