The Shan-Tea Art Shanty Project

Second weekend on the ice.  Tea brewed, cups traded, arctic pets stuffed decorated and sewn, skates worn, slush traversed, dances danced, jigs played, socks soaked, dried by the fire, and then soaked again, friends welcomed and bid adieu.  Medicine Lake was subjected to an un-seasonable thaw, causing slush to dominate this weekends events.  The soggy weather had an un-deniable thinning effect on the crowds of visitors, but many still made the traverse across the slush moat surrounding shanty town, and were greeted with high-fives, warm soup, and blazing wood stoves to dry their sopping socks upon.

Short time much loved crew member Aliya "Lady Red Rose" Bonar got to work helping visitors stuff, decorate and create histories for dozens of three legged arctic animals, and the pets weren't the only one's going Brrrrr.

Another much anticipated event of the weekend, the Second Annual Art Shanty Ice Capades Performance: Tea For Two or More on a Frozen Lake, went off without only a couple spills, a lively band and a finale featuring an amazing  display of pyro-technics.  Thanks to all who donned a one-sie(Aliya Red Rose, Dance Shanty John Each, Coleen kaBlam!, Darjeeling "Clem" Thompson,  Oolong John and Earl Grey Beard) and our amazing on ice band, Sean, Davey and Frieda, who froze their finger-tips but didnt stop playing, until the slushy soggy end.

On Monday we sadly bid adieu to the lovely Darjeeling Clementine, who, despite shameless begging,  marriage proposal logs and various threats, hopped on a bus back to Montreal. Au revoir Clementine A la prochaine!

We, Oolong John and myself, now get ready for the next domestic week of yurt living. As temperatures drop here in Minnesota, so does the size of our crew. However, having housed or held captive many expected and un-expected guests over the last couple days, I have no fear that the tea-pot will remain less than half full. 


Carole Bondaroff
01/26/2010 19:11

Carole Bondaroff
01/26/2010 19:14

Howdy from Calgary...loved your perfomance ice capades...the costumes are very artsy with the upside-down flip to a skirt from a tea cup...I want one!
You all look fantastic and I wish I could be there to experience the ambience and music and tea of course. Enjoy the cookies (when they arrive?)
skate for me! love, Mum

01/27/2010 20:32

I hold me beard to my face, my loves
Oh the smell! The smell!
Nothing quite takes your place, my loves
Oh I'm in hell! In hell!

Sue O'Brien
01/30/2010 17:25

Miss you at work, Kelsey. Hope you are having fun! Sue

01/30/2010 20:54

oh ladies and gentlemen! this was such a lovely week in a frozen warm filled yurt! and wow. what a bunch of hotties for that photoshoot...
miss you. this balmy tropical weather just can't compare to the wood-stove filled life i led there.
sending you all a package monday.

Earl Grey Beard
02/01/2010 10:42

Oh my loves both near and far,
our icey home has come so far,
we've danced we've sung
we've donned ice skates,
we've covered with hair,
lower halves of our face
thanks for making your digital presences warms us from beard to toe

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    A collaborative project between Kelsey Nelsen and Amber Phelps Bondaroff, for the 2010 Art Shanty Project, on Medicine Lake Minnesota.